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What is an E-Cigarette?

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E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that are used to vaporise an e-liquid into vapour which is then inhaled. Also known as vape kits, pod kits or e-cigs, these were created to replicate tobacco smoking, in what is believed by many to be a safer alternative. These e-cigarettes have evolved with technological advancements since their invention and we’re here to cover the basics of what an e-cigarette is.

E-Cigarettes Vape Kits.

Just like most things words also go out of fashion. We hate to use the word ‘E-Cigarette’ to describe vaping. The word ‘E-Cigarette’ goes back more than a decade and is now rarely used. As a retailer we remove ourselves from using the word ‘E-Cigarettes’ down to the fact that the term ‘Cigarette’ is used. It’s a swear word now!

Electronic cigarettes aren’t actual cigarettes, confusing we know!

E-cigarettes are: Battery-operated, hand-held devices that resemble (but are not) tobacco cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Their purpose is to vapourise liquid into vapour electronically. We now call them ‘Vape Kits’.

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