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Vaping: UK Government Launches Anti-Smoking Drive with Free E-Cigarettes

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As part of an anti-smoking drive, the UK government is planning to give out free e-cigarettes to smokers. The initiative is being launched in a bid to help people quit smoking and prevent smoking-related illnesses.

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or other similar device. The devices work by heating a liquid that usually contains nicotine, propylene glycol and flavourings.

Why is Vaping Popular?

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many smokers switching to e-cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking. There are several reasons why vaping has become popular, including:

  • It is believed to be less harmful than smoking tobacco.
  • Vaping can be used as a tool to quit smoking.
  • Vaping is often cheaper than smoking.

The Anti-Smoking Drive

The UK government’s anti-smoking drive will involve the distribution of free e-cigarettes to smokers. The initiative will also include the creation of a new advertising campaign, which will highlight the dangers of smoking and promote the benefits of vaping.

The government hopes that the initiative will help to reduce the number of smokers in the country, and ultimately lead to a reduction in smoking-related illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Controversy Surrounding Vaping

While vaping is considered by many to be less harmful than smoking, there is still some controversy surrounding the use of e-cigarettes. Some experts believe that vaping can be just as harmful as smoking, while others argue that there is not enough evidence to support this claim.

There are also concerns that the promotion of vaping could encourage young people to take up the habit. This has led some countries, such as India and Australia, to ban the sale of e-cigarettes altogether.


The UK government’s anti-smoking drive, which includes the distribution of free e-cigarettes to smokers, is a bold move that aims to reduce the number of smokers in the country. While there is still some controversy surrounding vaping, many believe that it is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

By promoting the benefits of vaping and highlighting the dangers of smoking, the government hopes to encourage more smokers to quit and ultimately improve public health.

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